General Election 2023 results for City of Tucson – updated

UPDATING only Prop, 413 since it was too close to call on Election Night, Nov. 7, 2023. Provisional ballots have been counted. See below. Other races have been determined. Prop. 413 has apparently won by a close margin of 289 votes, so may be headed to a recount.

City of Tucson election held today for Mayor and Councilmembers in Wards 1, 2 and 4, plus two Propositions. Here’s the early unofficial results from City of Tucson Elections Dept.:

Mayor of Tucson

Ed Ackerley (I) 5,289

Arthur Kershen (L) 1,074

Regina Romero (D), incumbent 47,749

Janet Wittenbraker (R) 24,414


Ward 1 Council

Victoria Lem (R) 28,739

Lane Santa Cruz (D), incumbent 48,324


Ward 2 Council

Paul Cunningham (D), incumbent 49,786

Ernie Shack (R) 24,714

Pendleton Spicer (L) 2,859


Ward 4 Council

Ross Kaplowitch (R) 26,188

Nikki Lee (D), incumbent 49, 907


Prop. 413 (salary increase for Tucson Mayor & Council members) — too close to call: recount likely

Yes 47,165

No 46,876

Prop. 496 (TUSD bond)

Yes 45, 324

No 31, 514

Congratulations to the Dem winners and to TUSD. Stay tuned this week for the provisional ballots to be counted for Prop. 413 to be determined.

Voter turnout 32.32%.

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  1. Tucson Sentinel reports on the provisional ballots: “There were about 110,000 ballots cast in the city election, officials said Tuesday night, with 78,500 already counted.” So stay tuned to see what the final tally is for Prop. 413 to raise the salaries of the Mayor & Tucson City Council.


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