Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, the person who as Georgia Secretary of State suppressed votes so he could squeak by and beat Stacey Abrams for the office he currently holds, is a science-denying Anti Democratic Lunatic.

First, he underestimated COVID 19 in Georgia and prematurely reopened the state.


Last week, after many mayors in his state (including Atlanta’s Keisha Bottoms) mandated their local residents wear masks, he revised his Emergency Executive Order taking that power away from them, saying it was the mark of an intrusive government and not enforceable (make up your mind.)

Mr. Kemp has said that masks should be worn but people should do so if they want to.

Does that mean people should put on seat belts when driving but not forced to?

This is a community safety issued and this is a case where Mr. Kemp is flipping, to quote Star Trek’s Mr. Spock,  “the good of the many outweigh the need of the few or the one.”

Photo from Imhflip

Atlanta Mayor Bottoms has sued the Governor over his ill-advised order.

Mr. Kemp, showing he does not have any democratic or civil liberty instincts, has also filed a request to prohibit Mayor Bottoms from speaking.

What the Hell?

This is the United States of America. Mayor Bottoms should be allowed to tell it like it truly is and Kemp, if he truly cared about the people in his state, should not be afraid of it.

Governor Doug Ducey in Arizona had better not pull any of the fecal matter that Kemp is trying to do with any of the Grand Canyon states mayors.

Mr. Kemp, like other Republican leaders like Donald Trump, Ducey, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are clearly not able to govern for the good of the people during an emergency.

Voters need to vote them out in 2020 and 2022 (Ducey is term-limited but has higher office aspirations.)

Hopefully, Mayor Bottoms will win in court this week and Science and Democracy will prevail.

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