Get your cardboard on at the Cardboard Ball


Make a fashion statement by creating your very own cardboard outfit for Saturday night’s ball at the Maker House, 283 N. Stone Ave. in Tucson (SW corner of Stone Ave. and Franklin St., just south of the Stone Ave. underpass).

There will be live music, art, beer, cardboard robots, and more.

All funds raised help purchase supplies for our free community arts workshops, where you can create masks, floats, altars, puppets, and more to honor your loved ones and carry in the Procession.

Attendees are encouraged to dress in cardboard, recycled and upcycled fashions and wearable art

For more info:, a fundraiser for the All Souls Procession Community Workshops.

You could even dress up as Cinderella to go to the ball (with cardboard instead of glass slippers?) and design a cardboard pumpkin carriage.  There were lots of amazing costumes and gear at last year’s ball. Be daring and creative.

One response to “Get your cardboard on at the Cardboard Ball

  1. Amazingly clever & creative costumes arriving at the Cardboard Ball right now. Saw a giant Octopus (with glowing red eyes)on a fellow accompanied by a Mermaid with a trident, plus the King and Queen of Hearts, Cacti people, a bat girl with wings, tuxedos, prom dresses — all made of cardboard or paper. An intricate tetrahedron (five intertwined) sculpture by Lorna Wells is on sale for $900, plus a gigantic Mooseataur and Merman sculpture in the ballroom, plus other cardboard art on the walls. More cardboard than I’ve ever seen in my life so altered. This is the 3rd year of this fantastic ball.