Giffords courts her progressive wing

by David Safier
Last night, after I posted about my phone conversation with Rep. Giffords, I got an email from a friend in Green Valley. "Dang, David," she wrote, "I thought I was the lucky one….but, no, GG paid attention to you too. . . . She reassured me that the big O had her vote and thanked me for working for her."

My friend was one of many supporters who emailed Giffords asking her to vote for the budget. Giffords must have gotten the message that she shouldn't take voters on this side of the political spectrum for granted and made a few calls to make sure her progressive wing knew she was listening.

Here's an anecdote I remember whenever I think about Giffords' votes that make my teeth clench. I have a friend who's an economic conservative (he has no patience with the social conservatives, so we have something in common). We argue now and again about policy. A few months after Giffords won her first CD-8 election and had settled into office, my friend asked me what I thought of her performance. I said basically, I'm sure glad she's there, but her stances and votes aren't always progressive enough for my tastes. He flashed a huge grin and replied, "That's why we both voted for her."

0 responses to “Giffords courts her progressive wing

  1. Kralmajales

    I agree Francine. I know some dont find her progressive enough, but Im sorry, that is exactly why we aren’t winning elections. She kicked the tail off of Bee. I had predicted a 5% win and people thought I was crazy. Turns out I was totally off on how well she represents this district. Those looking at taking on Melvin or Williams should study what she does and how she does it. Excellent constitutent service, listens to voters, and take selected moderate (and public stances) so you can take plenty of liberal votes without ruffling your district.

    Do this and you beat Melvin…and still have a world of difference.

  2. Francine Shacter

    My sense about Giffords votes is that enough of “us” contacted her about how we expected to be represented by her that she got the message. I have made it a practice to call her office immediately when I agree with her vote and give her a sincere “atta girl” and equally quickly when I disagree to voice my opinion. I have also encouraged any and everyone who says they like/don’t like how she voted to tell her since she is the only one who can do anything about how she votes. We need to keep it up!

  3. Painting by numbers.