Giffords to vote Yes on budget

by David Safier
I just got a call from Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (I won't pretend this happens all the time. It's a first). She let me know that the House vote on the budget comes up in about an hour (that would be 4pm our time), and she's voting Yes.

Giffords is very careful when it comes to voting for spending, so this is a show of support for Obama's agenda.

Giffords gave me lots of reasons she's supporting the budget, which I scribbled down as quickly and accurately as I could. Here are a few.

She says the budget she's voting for trims Obama's budget request by $7 billion. She's pleased with the money going to veteran's health care. There are guarantees that the size of the health care reserve fund doesn't increase the deficit, yet will help move Obama's health care reform efforts forward. There's increased funding for early childhood education and Pell Grants, as well as renewable energy.

We'll be getting more details soon, from the usual MSM sources.

UPDATE: I just received a News Release from Rep. Harry Mitchell saying he was one of 20 Democrats to vote against the budget. I know Mitchell is in a tough district, and I'm sure he's aware that history suggests Dems will lose some seats in 2010 (With Ds running the White House, the House and the Senate, people tend to vote for balance). But this is getting a bit silly.

The main reason Mitchell gives for voting No is, "the measure does not extend key tax cuts." The "key tax cuts" he's talking about are Bush's cuts in the capital gains and estate taxes, both set to expire.

0 responses to “Giffords to vote Yes on budget

  1. In a Federal Budget that the OMB says will not work and add One Trillion Dollars just in interest payments one the National Debt at this point all I can do is pray Giffords and you are correct; spending us into more debt is the answer!

    I told Giffords to vote NO!

  2. So Rep. Alan Grayson’s bill (HR 1664) limiting executive compensation at banks that decide to go on welfare passed yesterday over Republican objections, but the bill was watered down by “Bush Dog”/”New Democrat” [sic] Melissa Bean’s Amendment (roll call 180).
    Giffords and my Rep, the increasingly disappointing Ann Kirkpatrick, voted with the Republicans and the fake Democrats for the Bean amendment. Harry Mitchell actually voted against the “Bush Dogs” in this case.
    Is there some rule that Arizona Democrats have to suck at the teat of Republicans and their corporate overlords 50% of the time?
    I never saw the point of pretending you are a Republican if you are in a “tough” district, as I told Kirkpatrick’s staff when I called, if there is a choice between being represented by a Republican or an undercover Republican, I’d prefer getting everything above board and cut the subterfuge.