After a validation process, brought on by a third-party complaint to the Arizona Superior Court in Maricopa County, found that not all the petition signatures gathered by Fieldcorps for the Ginger Sykes Torres for Congress Campaign were valid, the House Candidate has been left with no other choice but to withdraw from the Democratic Primary race.

A compelling candidate with a great personal story and appeal to the residents of the new Arizona House Congressional District One, Ms. Sykes Torres said in an interview with Blog for Arizona that:


“I would like to share that I was targeted in a lawsuit, challenging the validity of my paid signatures. The county provided their review Monday, which determined that we are short. We did everything within our power to fight the challenge. But ultimately, we’ve made the decision that there is no path forward for us to fight this any longer and have decided to make the hard decision to withdraw from the race.”

 “I would like people to know that I am just very disappointed that I was not able to continue my candidacy for United States Congress in district one in Arizona and that voters were not given the opportunity to decide the best candidate in this primary.  I’m so grateful and humbled for all of the support that I received far my candidacy.”

“Moving forward, I am so excited to support Democrats of conscience up and down the ballot. And I’m especially excited to support Native candidates that are trying to make history and let our voice be heard in Congress in this cycle. Native Americans have been cast aside for decades, but despite all the obstacles we have battled back time and time again. We fought back against our culture getting stripped away during the boarding school era, and we overcame being blocked from the ballot box up until the 1970s. It is time for us to advance and support more Native American candidates up and down the ballot. Our voices can no longer be disregarded.

“In my future, I won’t stop standing up for what is right and paving the way for future generations, including my kids and other Native candidates who will one day serve in Congress representing Arizona.”

Matt Grodsky, the Communications Director for the campaign and Vice President at Matters of State Strategies, the organization that helped run the Sykes-Torres campaign for Congress wrote:

“There were numerous challenges for congressional candidates this cycle with redistricting, E-Qual, and the high cost of paid circulation. The campaign’s paid signatures were turned into the campaign less than 24 hours before the submission deadline with the understanding that the signatures had been validated. Upon internal review, after the lawsuit was filed, we found there were undoubtedly several errant signatures that should have been vetted by the circulating company the campaign hired — a company that previously had a reputable reputation. Everyone involved in the campaign is incredibly frustrated by the lack of the circulation company’s oversight and the ramifications of their apparent negligence, which has cost an amazing candidate her race. We are disappointed but know that the future is bright for Ginger Sykes Torres.”