Go Car Free on September 22


From www.sunrideshare.org:

Tucson will again join in the celebration for World Car Free Day onSeptember 22. Sun Rideshare and Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) promote Car Free Day in an effort to get area drivers to leave their cars at home and try an alternative mode of transportation. Alternative transportation reduces pollution, traffic congestion, and energy consumption, as well as promotes a more active, healthy lifestyle.

This year participants will qualify for the prize drawings by logging in their car free trips in the Sun Rideshare Travel Calendar.  Only one car free trip is needed to possibly win 

  • E-reader
  • Gift cards: (2) $100, (1) $50
  • Sun Rideshare gift package

All trips must be logged in by 8:00 am on September 23 to qualify for the prize drawing.  All trips logged will also earn points in the Sun Rideshare Rewards Program.

Carolyn’s note: as a person who walks, rides a bicycle, also takes the Sun Tran bus and now the new Sun Link modern streetcar, I encourage those of you who can, to please leave the car home tomorrow and try alternative means of transport. Try to walk to your errand if it’s close by, instead of jumping into your car which could be by just a habit. Observe the environment and interesting people as you stroll by and enjoy your healthy walk and exercise.

And carpooling counts today.  How about more ride share bulletin boards for people to sign up for carpooling to a certain activity daily, weekly, monthly (i.e grocery shopping, movie night, etc.)  We Tucsonans are very dependent on our vehicles.

Go car free tomorrow!

2 responses to “Go Car Free on September 22

  1. I just biked a mile or so, and will take the Sun Link streetcar later. How about you readers? Update:Noticed a lot of people walking, bicycling, skateboarding, riding the bus and streetcar today, as alternatives to driving the car. I jumped on & off Sun Link a # of times to do errands.

  2. captain*arizona

    This is why republicans get 70% of the white vote in arizona people are afraid democratic party is anti car when they are not being anti gun! This is not the way to get people to vote democrat!