Going on the Buckmaster Show today (Tuesday): Superintendent edition


by David Safier

I'll be doing my monthly Blogger Beat segment on the Bill Buckmaster radio show today. The show runs from 12-1PM on KVOI, 1030AM.

It should be an interesting show. Sen. Steve Farley will begin with a discussion of the legislative session (Spoiler alert: He'll be smiling now and then while he talks), followed by a MoneyMaker Report. I'll be on the last half of the show. We'll talk a bit about the state legislative session, but I'm most interested in talking about the two School Board meetings tonight, TUSD and Sunnyside. TUSD will decide whether or not to hire H.T. Sanchez as its new superintendent, and Sunnyside will decide whether to extend Superintendent Isquierdo's contract. Spoiler alert: I'll be saying it's naive to discuss TUSD Board decisions without realizing they have become as political as anything that happens at the state legislature.