Going on the State of Education radio show Saturday


by David Safier

I'll be on Robin Hiller's The State of Education radio show Saturday, 11am, on KVOI (1030 on your AM radio dial). The main topics of discussion will be the test-based nonrenewals of 3 TUSD principals and the education bills coming out of the state legislature.

This is a call-in show. The last time I was on, we had mostly conservative callers, which actually turned out to be enjoyable. They made polite, reasonable conservative comments and asked polite, reasonable conservative questions. We responded in a similarly polite, reasonable fashion. No yelling. No name calling. We disagreed with one another, but both sides found areas of agreement. After an exchange like this, both sides come to realize that people on the other side have reasons for their beliefs and aren't monsters out to destroy America. We can use more of that.

That being said, we'd love to have some progressive callers. Listen in and join the conversation.