Goodness and Decency will always prevail over the forces of Hate and Darkness at all times.

Last week, the forces of  reactionary alt right  terrorists, influenced by demagogues in the right-wing social media and political arena:

  • Sent pipe bombs through the mail to assassinate critics  (including two former Presidents and the 2016 popular vote winner) of the President.
  • Murdered two innocent African Americans in Louisville when he could not find an African American church congregation to shoot up.
  • Massacred 11 innocent Jews peacefully attending Shabbat services because they were Jews and they were involved in helping refugees.

These attacks, like the shootings of Republican Representatives at softball practice last year and the sending of powdered substances to Republican public figures, have no place in civilized society.

The individuals that commit these heinous acts should be condemned at all times and incarcerated for life for the vile crimes they have committed.

The forces that also motivate these insane individuals should also be shunned. If they are a talk show host that spews this venom, they should be shunned and avoided. If it is a person or group that promotes a social media site that promotes reactionism and violence, they should be ridiculed and condemned. If they are a public servant who employs the tactics of the demagogue stoking the irrational fears of the gullible by calling the press the “enemy of the people,” proclaiming caravans of the destitute invaders and encouraging the imprisonment of political opponents, they and their allies should be voted out of office and, hopefully,  never given opportunities to influence the people again.

The forces of hate and darkness never win in the long run. They lost after the Civil War. They lost after the Red Scare and KKK resurgence after World War One. They lost after the forces of Fascism and Totalitarianism were defeated in World War Two. They lost when people repelled the forces of McCarthyism.  They lost when the Civil Rights Movement triumphed in the 1960’s. Goodness and Decency have always prevailed in history and it will happen that way again because the majority of people always embrace what is right and decent in believing that all lives matter.


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