#GOP Says: ‘Don’t Vote’ & Leave the Governing to Us (video)

don't vote

In case you haven’t heard, the corporate media has been telling Democrats for months that we won’t get our act together to vote.

Now the GOP has released a direct message to lazy Democrats: “Please Don’t Vote”. (OK, the video is really from the Young Turks, but they totally nail the GOP in this clip.) After you watch it, go vote for the Democrats.

Money quote: “We own American. Why is this so complicated? We’ve done our part and made it easier for you not to vote.”


  1. Talking to a number of young people this morning at a local coffeeshop.
    NONE of them voted. They were not motivated, they felt that our current economic and political climate in Arizona makes voting a worthless exercise, that an Iphone is more important than voting. While we can generalize about Democratic party efforts in Pima County, the election results are proof that it didn’t work, that we need to address functional issues within the party and that we need viable candidates. The Republican message was a standard fare of snake oil promises, pie in the sky economic theories and avoidance of real issues by making “fake issues” such as the border the “real” topic. Democrats need to be more aggressive, more realistic and neutralize those messages by showing the truth and refusing to get trapped in nonsensical arguments. We got our butt kicked because we ran outdated campaigns against a better funded foe who is driven by the need to be victorious “at all costs.”
    Now is the time to get going to get ready for the next election cycle in 2 years.

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