Gov Brewer Floods LD9 Race with Dark Money for Orr

Gov.-Jan-Brewer-adjGovernor Jan Brewer is flooding Tucson’s legislative district 9 race with $101,000 to buy the seat for Republican Ethan Orr. In addition to the Brewer donations, 63% of Orr’s $49,000 has come from from dark money donors. In comparison, challenger Dr. Randy Friese has raised $115,000 in the same time period, with only 3% coming from political action committees (PAC).

From the Friese campaign…

Brewer PAC floods LD-9 with over $100,000 in dark money

Clear struggle between grass roots voter support and dark money influences

Tucson, Arizona — Numbers posted today on the Arizona Secretary of State’s website show that Governor Jan Brewer has pumped over $101,000 in independent expenditures into the LD-9 race in hopes of purchasing the seat for the Republican candidate, Ethan Orr. This money comes from Arizona’s Legacy, Brewer’s Political Action Committee.

“This seems to show a great level of desperation,” said Cheryl Cage, campaign manager for Democratic candidate Dr. Randy Friese, “and we view this as an indication that polls being conducted by the Republicans are showing that this seat is highly competitive.  It is equally interesting that Orr touts himself as a moderate, but is supported by a Governor that issues press releases that state the marriage equality ruling is ‘disappointing and deeply disturbing’. 

Of the $49,288 Orr has raised by himself during this cycle (since Jan 1 2014) over $31,000 has come from other PAC donations.

In contrast the Dr Friese for House campaign has raised $115,000 in the same time period, with only $3,000 from PAC donations.

“The amount of dark money being poured into Orr’s campaign from outside groups is exactly the type of money that weakens the voice of the voters.’  Ms. Cage said, ‘The money we are spending to reach out to voters is coming directly from voters. We are confident citizens will see through this transparent ploy to create a false impression of support where little actually exists.”


  1. I understand that the Independent Expenditure Committee Building Arizona’s Future is mailing an anti-Orr piece this week based upon Orr’s record on women’s choice. I have not seen the mailer. The amount of the buy probably will not be disclosed until after election day.

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