Grassroots Community Rally Supporting Refugee Resettlement


“Is this the new “Great America”? It infringes on Tucson’s “Immigrant Friendly” status. It stops/reduces refugee resettlement in America. It blocks refugees from Syria. It bans visitors from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen. It it is a penstroke away from becoming an executive order. Come help organize a greater voice against unAmerican injustices being instituted without representation. Join in raising voices against human injustice.”

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Councilman Steve Kozachik represents Ward 6 and is seeking re-election for his 3rd term in Nov. 2017.  He announced at an event this week that Syrian and Iraqi refugees will be speaking at this rally.


  1. Over 250 people at this rally today at El Presidio Park, with Tucson Tragedy survivor Patricia Maisch and LD 3 State Senator Andrea Dalessandro present. Welcome by Debe Campbell, for We the People organizer. First speaker was Ruben Reyes, District Director for CD 3 Congressman Raul Grijalva, who said that Raul is against anything that targets the 68,000 refugees trying to come to U.S. Then Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Catholic Diocese said that we are a “big heart” country, is part of multi-faith coalition against banning refugees & building the border wall; followed by Bassam Mahmood, an Iraqi refugee who was a interpreter for U.S. forces in Iraq, then came to America in 2010 with his family on SIV (Special Immigrant Visa), said that we need to “stand up”; then W 6 Councilman Steve Kozachik spoke that we “do not slam the door in the face of refugees”, warned the crowd about the Arizona legislature has now bills to penalize refugee resettlement agencies. He said we have to “resist in the streets, ballot box, courts”. Then Abdullah interpreted for Feraz a recent (6 months) Syrian refugee, who told about fleeing to Jordan and arrived safely here, but his sister/husband are still left behind. Oula Gaber (Syrian refugee) from the Noor women’s group said that they have raised $1 M to help refugees, about 60,000 people, “will help no matter what”. Finally Rabbi Thomas Louchheim remembered the death threats against Tucson Islamic Center following 9/11 and how the Jews in Tucson “protected” them, quoted Moses “Let my people go”. We the People organizer announced next mtg. on Feb. 15, 4:30 p.m. at Joel D. Valdez main library.

  2. Then just when you think the level of insanity has peaked, Judy Burges from Sun City, takes it to a whole new level of paranoia, to private, religious resettlement agencies. Really Judy, bus loads of Syrians are not poised to move in to Sun City.

  3. Before he embraces more refugees from any country he needs to look at the cost to taxpayers. We the taxpayer support them for a couple of years or more. i.e. welfare, housing, medical and on and on.

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