Great idea. Give Republicans a little budget “wiggle room”

by David Safier
In 2000, voters passed Proposition 301 that increased sales taxes to fund salary hikes for teachers and extras for the classroom. But there was another part as well:

. . . it also contained a provision requiring annual increases by 2 percent or the rate of inflation, whichever is less. That was included because lawmakers sometimes did not give inflation adjustments or provided tiny ones.

Apparently the exact meaning of the annual increase stipulation is being questioned by Republicans.

[Republican] Lawmakers now want to discard the requirement that they boost the main school funding formula and instead boost a much smaller part of the formula as they struggle to close an estimated $3 billion gap in next year's state budget.

Their "smaller part" would mean an $8.2 million inflation adjustment. The accepted interpretation would result in a $102 million adjustment.

But hey, don't worry, if they get the power to cut the adjustment, that doesn't mean they'll use it.

. . . a Republican budget-writer . . . said lawmakers are just looking for some budget wiggle room and have no intention of taking the extra money away from schools.


. . . Kavanagh said lawmakers just want the ability to move money around to give both the state and districts more flexibility.

"When the dust settles, we're going to give the schools as much as we can," he said.

If Kavanagh says to trust him, I guess that means we're in good hands.

0 responses to “Great idea. Give Republicans a little budget “wiggle room”

  1. Sheapenny,

    This isn’t a case of the taxpayers taking something away. It was the taxpayer that mandated the 2%/inflation rate increase in the first place, and it is the house republicans that are trying to “taketh away” by ignoring the will of the people.

    Ballot initiatives are only acceptable to republicans when they help them avoid a vote on a tax increase or some other issue that would require them to take any kind of stand which deviates from the party platform.

    The republicans have a 40 year long history of cutting education funding in Arizona, and we have the republican war on public education to thank for the sorry condition in which we find ourselves now. Why not give them wiggle room? Because if you give an elephant a cookie, he is going to want his gigantic elephant sized glass of milk.

  2. Sheapenny, your hostility toward public education represents everything wrong with this backward state.
    I’ve been trying to ignore your posts, but my ire’s really up today.

  3. The Schools are funded by we the Taxpayers NOT by We The Teachers Unions!

    We taxpayers can be asked to give and we taxpayers have the right to taketh away that which we givith!