Guess President Biden Does Not Need a Teleprompter After All

From PBS

In one of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Campaign offices, President Biden, accompanied by Representative Madeline Dean and Senator John Fetterman, was masterful in his remarks to campaign volunteers. He did not even need a teleprompter to read off from.

While reciting his philosophy of building the economy from “the middle out and the bottom up” and the achievements of his Administration, the President emphasized that the main purpose of outreach to voters is to “Let them know that we care about them…People want to know that you care…There’s nothing like letting someone know you care like knocking on the door and saying…I’m here for Joe Biden. What do you need? What do you need?”

Later he said, “It’s all about touching people and finding out what’s on their minds…So folks. Let them know we care.”

It should be remembered that at a recent campaign event, the 34 time convicted, twice impeached, traitor, and sexual assaulter Donald ‘I killed Roe Wade’ Trump said “I don’t care about you. I just want your vote.”

Actually, video is better than words. Watch below.

Continuing with his remarks, President Biden, again without a teleprompter and script, said he was fighting for the people who have challenges in their lives because “everybody deserves a shot.”

Recognizing that inflation, caused by corporate greed, has caused middle and working class families to struggle, the President said he would fight for “fairness” like working to change the tax system.

Mr. Biden, like in most of his addresses, reaffirmed his optimism for America, saying again “This is the United States of America. There’s not a damned thing we can’t do.”

Donald Trump, despite the great economic and cultural numbers, continually trashes the country, saying the United States is in decline.

He also said, with a teleprompter that George Washington took over the airports from the British during the American Revolution.

Back to the President who could state factually accurate statements without a teleprompter. Mr. Biden reminded the campaign volunteers that he had the most union support of any President in history.

He also said “Dark Brandon is coming back and in the next 120 days or so, they’re going to get a real good look at who Donald Trump is.”

Senator Fetterman, who after the Presidential Debate a week and a half ago, told bladder inhibited Democrats to “chill out,” reminded those gathered that President Biden has already demonstrated, in 2020, he could beat Donald Trump in Pennsylvania and across the country.

House Representative Madeline Dean also spoke for Mr. Biden, saying:

“There’s only one man of character, integrity, and accomplishment and we know there’s one man who is a crook, a criminal corrosive to our Democracy. I was there on January 6 and had to be taken out of the Capitol in a gas mask to I don’t know where as American citizens incited by a President (Trump for those who have amnesia) came and attacked the Capitol, using the American Flag, beating police officers. Democracy’s on the line. There’s one man who understands it. It’s Joe Biden.”

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  1. Off teleprompter, he said he was the first black female VP. I think he needs one along with a 20 second delay.


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