Gun policy shorts

by David Safier

Too much news. Can't cover it all. So here are a few gun policy quickies.

  • I'm definitely not over the January 8 shooting. When I saw the photo of Kelly O'Brien, Gabe Zimmerman's fiance, my heart broke once again. She was featured in today's Star because of her appearance with Gabe's father at a D.C. event sponsored by the Brady Campaign. She spoke in favor of legislation banning extended gun magazines. The other side called the legislation a "placebo," because it's easy to change clips, and besides, a killer can carry two loaded guns. Idiots!
  • The Star has another excellent editorial (I've been saying that a lot lately), this time urging Brewer to veto the somewhat-watered-down-but-still-awful guns on campuses bill. Opposing the bill: "The presidents of Arizona's universities; the state Board of Regents; the student governments of Arizona's universities; the faculty senates; and – most important – the police agencies charged with protecting students, faculty and visitors on our state's campuses."
  • The state House approved a bill saying you can bring guns into government buildings. But the bill makes an exception for sports stadiums and places like that. Even these extremist ideologues can see that crazed sports fans, beer and firearms might not be a winning combination.

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