Guns in Schools Push Continues


by David Safier

The legislative proposal to allow guns in K-12 schools, community colleges and universities has moved into the Senate Judiciary Committee. Read the arguments pro and con in The Star and The Citizen.

An interesting note: the university police chiefs don’t like the idea:

The police chiefs of the three state universities, however, all told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee more guns on campus actually could result in more deaths.


  1. First of all, i apologize for giving my opinion. I apologize because i’m writing from an european country and maybe you’ll think “This is none of your business!”. But i think it’s a terrible mistake the freedom for having guns, here in Europe we can’t understand this that you called a “right”. There have been too many massacres in your country (the last week has been specially dramatic) and the United States population should learn about this. Freedom is not freedom for having guns.

  2. azw88,
    Just how do guns intimidate academic freedom? I carry a gun with a CCW. Do you feel like you freedom is challenged because I’m out there carrying a gun?

    Do all of you gun fearing leftists think that everyone that owns a gun is a ticking time bomb or homicidal maniac waiting to pop?

    You’re in big trouble because there are 175,000,000 gun owners in the USA. Guns have done more to win, secure and defend freedom, while politicians have done all they can to take it away.

    The difference between you and I is that I trust “The People” just like our Founding Fathers did, to do the right thing, be responsible and use their discretion.

    You on the other hand, in true liberal fashion don’t trust the people and want to submit to the government.

    You and the rest of the cradle to grave nanny state are what’s brining this country down. Do you still live at home with your mommy too?

  3. THe University of Arizona has had trouble in recent years keeping top notch profs and my fear that it iwll be even more difficult if students are allowed to carry guns. An armed student population could easily intimidate academic freedom.

  4. University Police Chiefs?

    As a Candidate for Pima County Sheriff in 1968 talking to other Sheriffs around the Country there is a question of being exposed to society in different ways!

    Having LIMITED exposure just to College Campuses has a different set of approaches than that of a Sheriff exposed to ALL ages,crimes,in a much larger area.

    My question IS why NO LAW ENFORCEMENT at rallies or Student gatherings during this difficult Time?

  5. The chiefs’ position on this issue is moot.

    The Supreme Court has already ruled that Police can’t be held liable for a failure or inability to respond in a timely manner to a crime in progress, even if that results in loss of life.

    The Emerson ruling states that individuals have an inherent right to arm themselves in self defense specifically because the police can’t guarantee an individuals safety. It goes on to say: “The Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to privately keep and bear their own firearms that are suitable for individual, personal weapons and are not of the general kind or type excluded by Miller…”

    The reality is, the police have never supported an armed society in this country. Simply stated, they want to be the only ones with the guns.

    If you look at the recent spate of shootings they all occurred in “A GUN FREE ZONE.”

    You never see mass killings at shooting ranges or gun clubs because the shooter might get off a shot or two before someone else puts one in him. A fine example is the off duty “female” security guard at the New Life Church. She had a CCW permit, was carrying her personally owned gun, had the training and ability to act and did so.

    According to the Pastor: “She probably saved over 100 lives, the church was packed with hundreds of unarmed churchgoers. Had she not been there, it would have been a slaughter.”

    I emphasized female not to be sexist but to illustrate that the gun is the great equalizer. If anyone saw the picture of this young lady they would see how petite she was. There would have been no way for her to physically take on the attacker. The gun brought her up to his level of power.

    All that the legislature wants to do is give people the ability to save their own life and possibly the life of others. I guess if you live your life as a sheep, you see a problem with that. I guess if you’re a liberal that believes that the government should protect you, you have a problem with that.

    I on the other hand would like a fighting chance, for it is far better to die on ones feet than die on ones knees.