Happy Thanksgiving 2018


Well, it seems that Arizona Democrats and progressives have a lot to be happy and thankful for this Thanksgiving 2018:

First Democratic woman U.S. Senator Krysten Sinema

three other Democrats won statewide offices:  Sec. of State Katie Hobbs, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman, and back on the Corporation Commission  — Sandra Kennedy.

Here in Pima County, Democrats took back a House seat in LD 10 with attorney Domingo DeGrazia beating incumbent Republican Todd Clodfelter. And in CD 2, former CD 1 Congresswoman Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick defeated Republican challenger Lea Marquez Peterson to take back that seat as well. 5 of 9 Arizona Congressmembers are now Democrats.

But on a personal note, today being Thanksgiving Day, celebrate with your friends and family and think about what else you have to be grateful for.  I usually say I appreciate good health and having a supportive husband– but this year, most of all the birth of our lovely granddaughter Sophie.

Happy Thanksgiving to our BFAZ readers and supporters! And if you feel generous and so inclined, please donate to Blog for Arizona:

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Carolyn, and all the BFAZ bloggers. Your work is outstanding for Arizona’s progressive community that is very much under served in mainstream media.

    In these post election days we realize how much we have to be thankful for, but also how much work has yet to be done. Despite our losses in three high profile races in Texas, Florida, and Georgia, we’ve had great success nationwide. And it’s just the prelude to 2020, the beginning of the end of the nightmare, and hopefully the last gasp of white supremacy. We outnumber them.

    The American Experiment will continue, as a friend of mine said.

    We drove old Dixie down. Again.


    • Thanks for your reply Liza. Yes, the US Congress is now in Democratic hands, and Arizona is certainly holding its breath and turning purple. Happy holidays.

  2. Happy thanksgiving to BfAZ
    1. Are you a non- profit?
    2. Do you file reports with AZ

    New here and trying to learn about you

    Helped turn Colorado blue; hoping to see AZ do the same!

    • Founder/attorney Michael Bryan owns this blogsite, and has legal help from blogger Bob Lord as well. Not sure of answers to your questions. Arizona is turning purple with 4 Democratic women in statewide offices, and 5 of 9 Congressmembers being Democrats. The State and House in the AZ legislature are still majority Republican, but less than before, 17 to 13 in the Senate, 31 to 29 in the House.

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