Happy Thanksgiving from Governor-Elect Hobbs and Mayor Gallego

The next Governor for Arizona along with the Mayors for two of Arizona’s leading cities wished Grand Canyon state residents a Happy Thanksgiving.

Governor-Elect Hobbs sent an email to supporters that said:

From Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs

“With Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday, I’ve been doing some reflecting. This year, I have so much to be thankful for:

My family, friends, and community, who have always filled my life with love and happiness.

My team, who dedicated countless hours to building this campaign from the ground up and worked to create a movement I’m so proud to represent.

The voters, who turned out in one of the most critical elections of our lives and made sure their voices were heard.

The Arizonans who make up this great state, and who have trusted me to become their next governor.

And of course, I couldn’t forget folks like you who have supported me throughout this journey.

Thank you so much for sticking with me through it all. Whether you were here from the day I announced my candidacy or just joined us in recent weeks, I’m so grateful to have your support.

This campaign wasn’t easy. We were up against a dangerous, election-denying, chaos-seeking candidate who still has yet to concede. But together, we stood up for what we believe in and the values that make our state great, and because of that, we were able to win one of the most competitive races in the country.

Our work is only beginning, but sincerely, thank you for everything you’ve done to help us get to where we are now. I couldn’t be more honored to be your Governor-Elect.

From my family to yours, wishing you a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving!”

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego posted a video on social media, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and commenting that people should use this holiday occasion to think about all the good things that have happened to them and the community. She also thanked city employees for working to make the streets and water safe and clean. She also thanked the welcoming neighborhoods of the Phoenix area and asked people to think and help those less fortunate than themselves.

From all of us at the Blog for Arizona, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe and fun holiday season. Take care.