The third night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention was historic.

On this day, the first Black Asian American Woman, California Senator Kamala Harris received her party’s nomination for Vice President.


She and the other major speakers of the evening (2016 Popular Vote Winner Hillary Clinton, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and former President Barack Obama) brought their A-games to the event consistently telling the audience:

  • The country and American Ideal can not survive another four years of Donald Trump and a Republican Senate.
  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will bring the country out of the darkness forward into the light.
  • It is imperative to turn out and vote this November.

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Issues dominate the first hour of the third night

Young activists, Mothers who have lost children to gun violence, victims of domestic violence, small business owners,  and noted political figures like former Arizona Representative Gabby Giffords (perhaps the most moving segment of the evening,) New Mexico Michelle Lujan Grisham, and Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown led the first hour of the convention discussing:

  • Sensible gun control measures.
  • Combatting climate change and shifting to clean energy.
  • Rebuilding the economy.
  • Renewing the Violence Against Woman Act (which is languishing in Enemy of the People’s Moscow Mitch McConnell’s controlled Senate.)

2016 Popular Vote Winner Hillary Clinton warns the people not to repeat the mistakes of four years ago.

Saying she “wished Donald Trump knew how to be a President because America needs one right now,” Hillary Clinton chastised Trump for ruining “the strong economy” and “plans for a pandemic” that he inherited from the Obama/Biden Administration.

Telling the audience that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was “the team to pull this nation from the brink” and lead the country forward in a variety of policy objectives like economic rebuilding, expanding health care, combatting climate change, enacting paid family leave, save the Post Office, promoting law enforcement reform and justice for everyone, Black Lives Matter, and restoring America’s place in the world, Clinton reminded everyone that “this can not be another woulda coulda shoulda election.”

Stressing the need to turn out and vote, the 2016 Popular Vote Winner said:

“Joe and Kamala can win by three million votes and still lose. Take it from me.”

She concluded by stating “If we’re strong together, we’ll heal together”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi takes it to Trump and Mitch McConnell.

Speaker Pelosi echoed the sentiments of Mrs. Clinton by saying the Biden/Harris ticket would “light the way forward” for the American People.

What made her speech noteworthy was she reminded the country that there were two leading Republican Enemies of the People in the Country: Mr. Trump and the Senate Majority Leader Political Prince of Darkness Moscow Mitch McConnell.

Telling the audience “We will remember in November,” Pelosi blasted McConnell and his obstruction of Democratic Passed bills designed to move the country forward.

She railed against their reaction to COVID 19, saying “Instead of crushing the virus, they are trying to crush the ACA (Affordable Care Act.)”

Senator Elizabeth Warren blasts Trump and praises Biden

Senator Warren wasted no time blasting Mr. Trump for his stewardship of the country and the COVID 19 Pandemic, calling him “ignorant and incompetent.” 

She went further, saying “COVID 19 was Trump’s biggest test. He failed miserably” and “this crisis is on Donald Trump and those (Republicans in the House, Senate, and Administration) who enabled him.”

The former Presidential candidate also spent time discussing how the Biden/Harris Team will Build Back Better the infrastructure of childcare by expanding that social service and working to achieve universal preschool.

Former President Barack Obama calls on everyone to Turn Out and Defend Democracy.

Speaking in the US Constitution Center, the Forty-Fourth President of the United States delivered an address that, frankly, was mostly a far cry from his inspiring 2004 Keynote Address at the Democratic National Convention that rocketed his political career.

Given the times with Mr. Trump and his war on Democracy, this was the speech that had to be delivered.

Saying “A lot is at stake,” Obama condemned Donald Trump for not fulfilling the basic duties of the Presidency and his oath, emphasizing he “did not take the job or the weight of the office seriously” and “treats the Presidency as a reality show.”

After listing all the ways Trump has brought the nation down (including 170,000 dead from COVID 19, millions out of the work, the countries place in the world lessened, and Democratic institutions threatened,) Obama spent considerable time telling the audience about his friend, “brother,” and Vice President Joe Biden.

Reminding the audience that the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee had the character traits of resiliency, empathy, decency, and the belief that everybody counts, Mr. Obama said Biden “made me a better President” and “he can make us a better country.”

Looking back at the Obama/Biden record, the former President told the audience how a Biden/Harris team would lead the country. This included:

  • “Containing the Coronavirus pandemic like they did with Ebola.
  • Expand health care like they did with the ACA.
  • Rescue the economy like they did before when we launched the longest economic expansion and job growth.
  • Restore our place in the world and inspire others to the American Ideal.
  • Making it easier to cast ballots because they (Biden and Harris) actually care about every American and they care deeply about this Democracy.”

Obama then resumed his attacks on Trump, saying “no President should enrich himself, is not above the law, and should not use the military to clear protestors for a photo op.”

He concluded by calling the voters to action and “vote for change” by “electing Joe and Kamala and candidates up and down the ticket” telling them:

“You need to believe that your vote matters and stop the withering of Democracy. Do not let them take away your power. Do not let them take away your Democracy. You are the missing ingredient.”

Senator Harris accepts the Vice Presidential Nomination and charts the way forward for the Ticket.

Starting with her address with “Greetings America,” Senator Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic Nomination for the Vice Presidency, repeating one of her favorite lines “Kamela Harris for the people.”

In a very well crafted and delivered speech, Harris probably would have been better served to have had some socially distant acceptable (if at all possible) crowd in attendance other than the pool reporters that were invited in.

Recounting her upbringing and how her mother inspired her to a career in public service as a prosecutor, Attorney General, Senator, and now the Democratic Nominee for Vice President of the United States.

Saying, in a veiled attack on Trump, “I know a predator when I see one,” Harris told the audience that Joe Biden shares the vision of America that is:

“a beloved community where all are welcome, no matter what we look like, no matter where we come from, or who we love. A country where we may not agree on every detail, but we are united by the fundamental belief that every human being is of infinite worth, deserving of compassion, dignity, and respect. A country where we lookout for another, where we fall and rise as one, where we face our challenges, and celebrate our triumphs together.”

She then attacked Donald Trump for his failed leadership and its having “cost lives and livelihoods,”  saying “we are a nation that’s grieving. Grieving the loss of life. The loss of jobs. The loss of opportunities. The loss of normalcy. And yes, the loss of certainty.”

Harris then attacked the Administration and others in society for its handling of COVID 19, saying “structural racism” has caused the disproportionate illnesses and fatalities in Black, Latino, and Native American communities. She reminded the audience that, unfortunately, “there is no vaccine for racism.”

Continuing her attack on Trump and charting a way forward, she said:

“The constant chaos leaves us adrift. The incompetence makes us feel afraid. The callousness makes us feel alone…We can do better and deserve so much more. We must elect a President who will bring something different, something better, and do the important work. A President who will bring all of us together…to achieve the future we collectively want. We must elect Joe Biden.”

The 2020 Vice Presidential Nominee then told the audience of Joe Biden and his character (his commitment to his family) and his achievements like:

  • “Being one of the movers of the Violence against Women Act and the Assault Weapons Ban.
  • Implemented the Recovery Act as Vice President.
  • Helping champion the Affordable Care Act. 
  • Promoting American values and interests around the world, standing with our allies, and standing up to our adversaries.”

Briefly resuming the attack on Trump by saying “he turns our tragedies into political weapons,” she continued her praise of Biden by stating:

“Joe will be a President that turns our challenges into purpose. Joe will bring us together to build an economy that doesn’t leave anyone behind where a good-paying job is the floor, not the ceiling. Joe will bring us together to end this pandemic and make sure we are prepared for the next one. Joe will bring us together to squarely face and dismantle racial injustice…Joe and I believe that we can build that beloved community. One that is strong and decent, just and kind. One in which we can all see ourselves.”

In her concluding remarks while praising the new generation of patriotic young forward-looking activists and calling people to turn out and vote, Senator Harris said:

“And we’ve shown that when we vote, we expand access to healthcare, and expand access to the ballot box, and ensure that more working families can make a decent living.”

“In this election, we have the chance to change the course of history. We’re all in this fight. You, me and Joe. Together…So let’s fight with conviction. Let’s fight with hope. Let’s fight with confidence in ourselves and a commitment to each other. To the America, we know is possible. The America we love. And years from now, this moment will have passed. And our children and our grandchildren will look in our eyes and ask us: where were you when the stakes were so high?… And we will tell them…We will tell them what we did.”

All the speakers effectively spoke about the need to act to change the direction of the country and the great possibilities that exist for the people if Mr. Trump, Mr. McConnell, and their supporters are defeated this November.

Tonight Joe Biden gives his acceptance speech as the Democratic Presidential Nominee where he will outline to the American People where he wants to take the nation.

Stay Tuned.

Please remember:

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  • Also, please remember to stay informed on all the candidates and vote for all the offices on the ballot.
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