Does everyone remember the Science Fiction Classic “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (released in 1956) where alien seeds drop onto the Earth and start metamorphizing from pods into replicas of the people they replace, taking on their identities?

Is that what has happened to Governor Doug Ducey this week who apparently totally forgot the tirade he unleashed just before the Fourth of July on the shoe company Nike for dropping its product that included the Betsy Ross Flag after one of its spokesmen, former National Football League Quarterback Colin Kaepernick pointed out that the historic symbol has been appropriated by racist fringe groups.


On Thursday, the Governor, in a stunning about-face, welcomed the “good news,” via tweet, that Nike would still be constructing a manufacturing plant in Goodyear after condemning the company last week, going so far as to direct the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw a million dollars in state incentives.

According to AZ Central, this plant would generate “$7.7 million in direct revenue and more than $483 million in economic impact in the first five years.”

Has Governor Ducey has been replaced by a Pod?

No, he has not but this episode does reveal not just the hypocrisy on the Governor’s part but also a lack of core convictions.

He will do anything to look good to his supporters both on the fringe and mainstream and hope they can not tell the distinction.

Congratulations to Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord and her team for standing their ground and working for the best interests of their city.

They are examples of good public service that our Governor should learn from.