Hayworth challenges McCain to debates

by David Safier

In a press release, J.D. Hayworth — "The Consistent Conservative," he calls himself on the header — challenges McCain to debate. And not just once or twice.

Hayworth Asks For As Many McCain Debates As McCain Asked Of Obama, Conservative Challenger Wants At Least Ten Debates with 24-Year Incumbent

Here's the money passage:

Hayworth feels that, given the years Senator McCain spent away from Arizona to run for President, he can certainly spend a few days away from Washington to better inform the people of Arizona he represents

“It should not be acceptable to any Republican, indeed any Arizonan, that Senator McCain would debate more in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina than he would before his constituents,” Hayworth said.

Your move, McCain. Or are you waiting for Hayworth to respond to your "Hayworth is a birther" ad?

Let the games begin continue! (The Conservalympics? The Conservative Race to the Bottom?)

0 responses to “Hayworth challenges McCain to debates

  1. John McCain’s blog trolls are back again. I don’t know why they think there are any votes for J.D. or McNasty to troll for here.

  2. JD is such a blowhard. He knows he’s in second place and will do anything to get attention now.

  3. That was such a douche move on JD’s part. He knew McCain was in D.C. working on the healthcare bill, and making sure that Arizona’s values were represented in the fullest. Why doesn’t JD shut his big trap and let McCain focus on what’s important. I mean, we all know JD’s not going to win…

  4. If only there was a credible, statewide Democrat to capitalize on the upcoming Republican duel.