Here’s the simple messaging list


by David Safier

He didn't indulge in Harvard debating tactics or subtle arguments. Instead, Obama gave Democrats direct language to use about the Republicans' potential government shutdown and refusal to raise the debt limit. He said it in one statement, but here it is, piece by piece.

  • "Do not shut down the government."
  • "Do not shut down the economy."
  • "Pass a budget on time."
  • "Pay our bills on time."
  • "Refocus on the everyday concerns of the American people."

Take your pick or mix and match. My favorites are "Do not shut down the economy" and "Pay our bills on time" — all words of one syllable except "economy." I once read that no slogan should be longer than 8 words, so the last, 9 words long, may be a little long-winded. But every statement is simple, direct and effective.