Day Two of the Democratic Convention may not have had the star power of Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders but there were several highlights that reinforced the theme that the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket is the right team at the right time to lead the Country starting on January 20, 2021.

The Keynote Address and Roll Call


Like the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner, the delivery of the Keynote Address with the rising stars of the Democratic Party and the Roll Call Vote that formally nominated Joe Biden as the Democratic Party standard-bearer showed all that is right with the rich diversity and progressive culture that is America.


People will probably not see that display at the Cult of Personality Ceremony masquerading as the Republican National Convention last week. In a party that openly congratulates Republican primary winners that support Q’anon and are known racists, it should not be surprising that they will be inviting speakers like the plutocratic gun-loving Missouri couple who threatened to shoot peaceful protestors.

Elder Statesmen

Democratic Party Elderstatesmen the Carters, Former President Bill Clinton, and 2004 Presidential Nominee and former Massachusetts Senator/Secretary of State John Kerry brilliantly painted the contrast between Trump and Biden on character, the economy (Clinton still knows how to frame the issues) and international relations (Kerry had the best line calling Trump’s “a blooper real”.)

Democrats of all stripes should not have any doubt that this election presents the American People with the choice of staying in the dark with Trump or journeying back into the light with Biden.

It is a shame that they could not find a spot for former Vice Presidents Walter Mondale and Al Gore. They probably would have had something to say, especially Gore, on the environment.

Jill Biden

Jill Biden showed last night that she will make an excellent First Lady and spokesperson for the needs of the American People. She will also be her husband’s number one defender and advocate.

Health Care

The discussion of health care, clearly the most important issue of the campaign (with the Coronavirus Pandemic) along with rebuilding the economy, showed that Democrats are the party for quality and affordable health care. Two video segments to review are Joe Biden’s discussion with people who received their health care through the Affordable Care Act and, in what was probably the speech of the night, the very moving (and sad) delivery (through a computer voice) of ALS patient Ady Barkan

Reaching Out to the Other Side

The Biden/Harris Campaign push to appeal to moderate Republicans continued on Tuesday night with an address from Colin Powell and a moving video narrated by Cindy McCain on the friendship between her late husband and Mr. Biden.

With John Kasich, Christine Todd Whitman, and other Republicans making appearances on the first night, one wonders if George W. Bush will join Barack Obama when the former Democratic President makes his speech this evening or if Arnold Schwarzenegger will help introduce Joe Biden tomorrow.

While reaching out to Republicans to build a large electoral and governing coalition is good and right, one thing the Biden/Harris campaign should heed is giving young progressives more screen time. Having Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders give primetime addresses is great but the next generation should be allowed more time in the tent as well. Democrats do not want to be creating any schisms before they have a chance to pass bill one next January.

Day Two of the Democratic National Convention clearly showed why the Biden/Harris team is best to lead the country. It will be very interesting to watch this evening when Elizabeth Warren,, Barack Obama, and Kamala Harris give their addresses.

Stay Tuned.

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