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One of the best parts of the hearing was all of the candid photos of Secretary Clinton’s many facial expressions.

Republican logicTwitter was ablaze yesterday with negative comments about the 11-hour Benghazi Committee hearing with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. According to the Maddow Blog, even conservatives Tweeted strings of negative comments about the GOP’s poor performance.


Most left-wing Tweeters hammered the Republican-controlled committee for wasting taxpayer funds on a witch hunt. If seven Benghazi Committees found nothing, why #8? By their own admission, the purpose of the marathon fiasco was to bring down the front-runner in the Presidential race.

The result of the multi-million-dollar Benghazi fiasco? Republicans looked like fools, and Secretary Hillary Clinton looked poised, prepared, and smart— in other words “Presidential”. Today’s social media is flush with stories about how badly the Republicans blew it and how well Clinton did under the pressure of an 11-hour Congressional hearing.

Vox said that the 11-hour hearing was Clinton’s “best campaign ad yet.”

Rachel Maddow said that the left and the right agree that the Benghazi Committee “blew it”.

The Borowitz Report [humor] said that Clinton issued a statement thanking the committee for their invaluable service to her campaign.

Clinton is on the cover of Politico’s Magazine with a headline saying this has been her “best week yet”. More links after the jump.

This is a great recap– complete with video clips– from Think Progress. The biggest laugh of the day came around 7 p.m. when one committee member asked if she was alone “all night” on the night of the attack. Clinton laughs out loud and offers a “who do you think I was with?” facial expression.
13 Spectacular Moments From Hillary Clinton’s Marathon Benghazi Hearing

Linda Valdez of the Arizona Republic reported that Clinton “bested” the GOP again.
Valdez: Hillary bests the GOP — again

Trevor Noah of The Daily Show skewered the Benghazi Committee with his sharp wit.
‘The Daily Show’ Covers Benghazi Hearing Number … Ah, We Lost Count

The Huffington Post offered a collection of Clinton facial expressions and concludes she was mostly bored.
Here Are Hillary Clinton’s Many Facial Expressions During Her Benghazi Committee Testimony

After this latest Benghazi fiasco and the GOP’s equally poor showing against Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richardson recently, perhaps Republican Congressmen will think twice about trying to politically smear powerful women who “poised, prepared, and smart” and have FACTS on their side. A trip down memory lane from NPR…
6 Clips Of Audio You Should Hear From The Planned Parenthood Hearing