Imagine an alternate reality where there was no Electoral College and Hillary Clinton won the Presidential Election in 2016.

Fast forward to 2020 and the first stirrings of a new virus in China are making their way to the Pandemic Team on Clinton’s National Security Council.


What would a Hillary Clinton Presidency have done?

Probably not what the Trump one has.

She probably would have had the Pandemic Team on the NSC (the one Trump disbanded and reorganized in 2018) gather all the experts and immediately ask for strategies on how to address the virus spread when it hit the United States.

Clinton would probably recognize, unlike Trump, that the virus would hit the country with many American Citizens falling ill.

Clinton, unlike Trump, would have immediately told her people in the Administration behind the scenes, based on recent health scares like the Ebola one in the Obama Administration, to plan for a coordinated response to the Virus.

She, unlike Mr. Trump, would have immediately notified her cabinet, Congressional leaders, and the nation’s Governors and Mayors and asked them to start preparing for the socio-economic ramifications that would come with the virus hitting the country.

She, unlike Mr. Trump, would have had ready to go strategies and talking points in place to meet the crisis head-on.

So, if Hillary Clinton was the President, there would not have been:

  • Lack of total federal coordination and messaging with the states on meeting the Coronavirus.
  • States having to compete with each other for supplies and beg the Federal Government, as Governor Cuomo for New York did today (March 24, 2020) for ventilators.
  • A self-centered temperamentally challenged leader who day after day in the White House Briefing Room continually making counterproductive comments like attacking reporters, calling the virus (until yesterday) the Chinese Virus, bragging about miracle drugs that are not available, and auditioning to be the new Doctor Death by ignoring health and scientific experts by wanting people to risk their lives by reopening businesses and social gathering locations.

So when people go to the polls in the crucial states of  Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Wisconsin (the other 41 states are probably preordained) on November 3, 2020, they need to remember that they have proof now of how Mr. Trump handles a crisis that affects lives.

For the good of the country and the safety of the American People, do not repeat the same mistake twice.

Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, like an alternate reality with Hillary Clinton at the helm, would handle this crisis infinitely better than the current occupant of the White House.

Do not make the same mistake twice.