Hobbs and Lieberman React to Lake’s Repeated Tirades Against Members of Her Former Profession

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake is having a bad time…with former colleagues of hers  from her previous position as a television journalist.

In a well crafted summary from AZ Central’s Laurie Roberts, Ms. Lake has had confrontational episodes, all of her own design with CBS/AZ Family’s Dennis Welch, Sunday Square Off’s Brahm Resnik, and Australia’s 60 Minutes Reporter Liam Bartlett.

With Mr. Welch, she chose to avoid answering his questions about her donations to the 2004 John Kerry Presidential Campaign and the 2008 Barack Obama one by going after the reporter by questioning his bias against conservatives.

Last Sunday, she took out a political ad against Resnik during the commercial break of his Sunday Square Off Show. Apparently, according to Robert’s reporting, Ms. Lake was not happy with Resnik questioning her position on the summer COVID 19 surge and questioned his patriotism when she claimed the masked Resnik did not say the Pledge of Allegiance in a crowded room.

Resnik, who has been the center of extremist fringe attacks before, professionally responded on social media.

Viewers of Sunday Square Off probably should not expect to see Lake appear anytime soon.

The final recent example of Lake’s confrontational attitude towards members of her former profession is with Australia’s 60 Minutes Reporter Liam Bartlett. Please watch below as Ms. Lake became unhinged with Bartlett after he referred to Donald Trump as “Your Man Donald.” She did not answer if the January 6, 2021 assaulters on the Nation’s Capitol should be pardoned as Trump wants. She then went into a tirade against Australia’s policies of melting down weapons, saying the Australians “gave up their freedom,” and  would be better off with more guns, stating “the only thing keeping us (the United States) from being like Australia, is our Second Amendment.” She also accused them of having internment and quarantine camps for Coronavirus patients, calling it “the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen a government do.” She obviously has not seen the recent pictures in Ukraine or Syria or other global hotspots. She then stopped the interview, calling the reporter “a complete nut.” 

Katie Hobbs and Aaron Lieberman react to Lake’s rants against journalists.

Two of the Democrats running to be Arizona’s next Governor offered their perspective on Lake’s rants against journalists.

Ms. Hobbs commented:

“While Kari Lake continues to peddle conspiracy theories to reporters across the world, I will continue to focus on Arizonans’ priorities to provide economic relief, fund our schools, and continue to protect our democracy.”

Mr. Lieberman wrote:

“This is only the beginning of the embarrassment we can expect if Kari Lake is our next governor. Arizona has to elect a Democrat who can actually win in November; that’s never been more clear.”

If Kari Lake, through these recent tirades against journalists, is able to convince the Trump base to give her a primary victory this summer, the Democratic Nominee for Arizona Governor will not have to worry about finding material to appeal to independents and sane Republicans for their 30 second ad spots.

They really do write themselves.