Huppenthal fine with cuts to schools

by David Safier

Arizona Ed Supe John Huppenthal climbed into his bully pulpit as the top man in education in Arizona and said, Y'know, it's fine by him if we cut school funding.

Say what?

Republicans defend the education cuts, saying there’s no other place to cut. Democrats say the majority leaders will not even consider other options that they’ve proposed.

John Huppenthal, the state's new schools superintendent, also defends the cuts, saying that Arizona schools can still be successful.

"Whatever comes out of the process we're going to have to prosper," he said. "And we can. We're going to have to be more innovative, we're going to have to be more creative and we're going to have to be more focused."

This is all conservative boilerplate stuff, but Huppenthal isn't in the lege anymore. He's the Head Ed man in the state. I think even Horne tried to oppose cuts to school funding.

But I do remember not too long ago, Hupp, data freak that he is, crying about cuts to his budget because he says he needs upgrades to the ADE's computer system. All I can say is, Hupp, you're just gonna have to be more innovative, more creative and more focused, and your computer system will prosper.

DR. WORD NOTE: Prosper? Did Huppenthal say Arizona schools will "have to prosper"? Is that a complete nonsequitur, or is Hupp a Trekkie referencing the Vulcan salute?


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