I get some Goldwater respect!

by David Safier

Friend of the blog Matthew Ladner of the Goldwater Institute has spent a great deal of time discussing, arguing and cajoling in the comments section, and I, along with commenters, have discussed, argued and cajoled right back. It's been one of those rare occasions where two sides meet on an even playing field, without a moderator or referee, and say whatever they think needs saying, without time or word constraints.

In today's email blast from the Goldwater Institute, Ladner acknowledged our back and forth. Here's how he begins:

Over the past couple weeks I have been debating progressive blogger David Safier and his readers about per pupil spending in Arizona public schools. It's been a good exchange, and I have learned things in the process.

What he says he's learned is that he can't accurately rank Arizona in per pupil spending. He still holds to his $9,000 per pupil figure, disputing the more commonly used figure of about $6,500. And of course he goes on to promote his ideas about educational spending and how we could save money if more students were in charters and private schools. And why shouldn't he? It's his email. I argue my side on BfA all the time.

Matthew, thanks for the respect and the honest presentation of our many discussions. I, too, have learned things in the process. Strong competition always shapens your wits and points out flaws in your arguments, even when it doesn't change your mind.

0 responses to “I get some Goldwater respect!

  1. I’m very impressed with Mr. Ladner for sending that out in his email.

  2. Matthew Ladner


    Indeed it does. Thanks to you and your readers for a good exchange. We could use more left-right dialogue in this state.