I guess this is progress


by David Safier

It wasn’t too long ago that few people had heard of ALEC. Now commenters about right wing politics can simply say things like “model legislation from ALEC,” and people get the point.

Apparently ALEC has gotten the point too. It’s new PR guy, Bill Meierling, has recommended ALEC-istas stop using the acronym because of its negative connotations. “The organization has refocused on the words ‘Exchange’ and ‘Council’ to emphasize our goal of a broad exchange of ideas to make government work better and more efficiently.”

NOTE: The image above doesn’t look like it was taken directly from an email. The change in coloration and the faint, reversed letters in the upper right hand corner make it look like a scan of a piece of paper. This may not mean anything, but I wanted to point out the possible inconsistency.