I Want to Sing ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ on Nov 4 (video)

Election Night 2008

For many years, it has been my tradition to volunteer to get out the vote on Election Day and attend the Democratic Party party on Election night to watch returns. When I volunteer, it makes me feel as if I have done all I could to elect good people to office.

Election nights 2008 and 2012 were amazing. I want a repeat, people. Let’s do this. Dump the Tea Party! Here’s a trip down memory lane:

Election Day 2008: Watching History Unfold



  1. Your posting left me feeling a little sad for you, Pamela. It is as if you have given up on this election and are trying to buck your spirits up from victorys long past. I personally don’t think that Democrats have much of a chance for victory this year, either, but I hate to see you giving up on them.

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