The private school that Barron Trump attends will not be opening for in-person instruction until at least October.

That is because the county in Maryland where the school is located has directed the schools within its boundaries to not open for in-person instruction.


Smart decision and good for the students (including Barron Trump, an innocent child) and educators in that county whose leaders listened to the science and put safety over potentially creating pandemic health spots.

So the question needs to be asked.

Why is Barron’s father continuing to call for schools to reopen when his sons will not?

He is not tweeting threats to the leaders of that Maryland County that he will cut off federal funding to their schools unless they reopen.

He is not openly calling for them to let his son attend school in person.

Can the reader say, hypocrite?

Mr. Trump’s stance is more troubling since his own Coronavirus task force leader, Dr. Deborah Birx stated on CNN on August 2, 2020, that public schools should not reopen for in-person instruction until the COVID 19 positivity rate in the local area has fallen below five percent.

As EJ Montini alluded to in his Monday column for AZ Central, are you listening Doug Ducey?

That and other comments from Dr. Birx earned her the twitter wrath from the President of Betrayal who called her interview performance “pathetic.”

Children and their families deserve the same consideration for their safety as Barron Trump and his classmates.

More so now that recent COVID 19 outbreaks in a Georgia summer camp and an Indiana school show that more diligence and enhanced safety measures will need to be followed.

Chief Executive Hypocrite Donald Trump should follow the science of his team and give it to them.

Children and their teachers are not sacrificial lambs to be sacrificed on the altars of the all mighty dollar and the Trump Re-Election Campaign.