If the plate don’t fit, we must adjust it. Give us a hand.


by David Safier

9788984E_smSomebody at the Star made a great catch. They spotted this license in Tucson sometime last week. Someone bought the new Extraordinary Educators license plate from the state that has "ARIZONA" at the top and "Support our Schools" at the bottom and put an all-too-appropriate message in between.

Ann-Eve Pedersen sent me the pic and suggested, since the two of us are taping our cable access show, Education: The Rest of the Story, Friday afternoon, it would be fun to have people help us come up with some other messages for the license plate. We'll use the best ones on a segment of the show. My first thought is, "PLEASE, GOV," (Support Our Schools). I'm sure you can do better.

Remember, the clock is ticking. Deadline Friday morning.

Here's the template license, for reference.


EARLY ENTRIES NOTE: Cheri has chimed in with 5 entries here, including Arizona [Y CANT YOU] [B WILNG2] and [SLOW2] Support Our Schools. On Facebook, we have dozens. REFUZS2, OUGHTA, SUKSAT, DEMANDSU, EVERY1, 4KIDS, and on and on. C'mon, join the fun! The contest ends Friday morning, because Ann-Eve Pedersen and I will be announcing the winners at our taping of "Arizona: The Rest of the Story" Friday afternoon.


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