If You Are a Woman of Child-Bearing Age in Texas: Get Out Now While You Still Can

Texas, the great Lone Star State, that broke off from Mexico in 1836 partially so United States settlers there could have the option of owning slaves, has, to quote AZ Blue Meanie, become the real-life version of the Republic of Gilead from The Handmaids Tale.

For those following the news, the MAGA off the right rails State Attorney General Ken Paxton (the one his own party tried to impeach and kick out of the office several months ago) has petitioned the Texas State Supreme Court to stop a lower court decision to allow Kate Cox, a 31-year-old mother of two from having an abortion after 20 weeks because her health/life may be in danger and the prognosis that her unborn child will only live a few days after being diagnosed with a genetic abnormality.

The Alt-Right reactionary Paxton has also threatened to prosecute any physician or health care professional who assists Mrs. Cox in getting the procedure.

Several counties in Texas have already passed totally unconstitutional travel ban measures aimed, with the assistance of private citizens (anti reproductive freedom black shirts) at restricting the movement of pregnant women so they can not travel out of state to get abortions.

Thank you Donald ‘I killed Roe v Wade’ Trump and his Supreme Court choices that made Samuel Alitos and Clarence Thomas’s dreams, and women in the United States nightmare, of taking away their reproductive freedom a reality.

These MAGA extremists and Fascist wannabes have proven that ‘It Can Happen Here.’

It seems MAGA Republicans have no problems with Death Panels if it will curtail a woman’s reproductive freedom.

No woman should have to wait for a court to tell her whether or not she has to jeopardize her life to carry a child to full term, especially if the fetus has already been medically determined to be unviable after birth.

This is truly nuts.

Why would anyone want to pin their hopes on the whims of a conservative court or live under the jurisdiction of Alt-Right Fundamentalist Reactionarys who have the insane notion that God is actually on their side?

All women of childbearing age, even if the State Supreme Court rules in Mrs. Cox’s favor, should consider moving out of the American version of Gilead to states that will not intrude on their freedom or jeopardize their lives.

Move away now before the Texas-Gilead State Legislature passes laws restricting the movements of pregnant women and enforces it while waiting for the Supreme Court to (hopefully) declare it unconstitutional.

Physicians may actually want to consider friendlier states to practice medicine instead of having Big Brother perpetually hover over them in their consulting office or the operating room.

Finally, voters need to pay attention to Texas and other states nationwide in the next elections and others afterward.

Do they really want this dilemma and encroachment on basic civil rights happening to their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and daughters?

Do they really want to be represented and led by people who would make women second-class citizens who have to petition to have a surgical procedure so they can live?

Probably not.

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  1. Paxton is posturing to be trump’s #1 ass kisser. People with deep seated insecurities about their tiny dicks have to constantly prove their virility.

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