I’m finding a new home on The Range


by David Safier

Soon, probably next week, I'll be moving from Blog for Arizona to Tucson Weekly's blog, The Range. I love this blog, but I was given the opportunity to be part of the Weekly and I took it. The paper's editor, Dan Gibson, and I sat down and talked. He says he wants me to do what I'm doing here, just do it over there. He gave me no direction, which is fine by me. I imagine I'll make a few adjustments. I have to introduce myself to a new readership, and I expect many of them are younger than the BfA readers (and way younger than me). A large number of readers, I'm sure, have school-aged children or will in a few years, and those people will be thinking about education from a personal viewpoint. And while everyone who reads BfA is a political junkie at one level or another, many Range readers go there for the music, entertainment and food stories as well as video links to the absurd. It'll be an interesting challenge for me to try and get their attention.

It's quite a change of virtual venue. This is a pretty serious bunch of bloggers here at BfA, and with occasional exceptions, the posts are thoughtful and meaningful. A recent Range post, on the other extreme, had the headline, "So, There's This Guy with Two Penises." And it's by Mari Herreras, a terrific journalist whose articles always leave me more informed, even those about education where I try to keep up on what's happening. Mari does write serious posts as well, of course, as does Jim Nintzel, but when I link to The Range, I'm usually looking to find out about what folks younger than me are doing and thinking. So my posts will be a deviation from the norm.

I'm hoping loyal readers will develop a split allegiance. I'm certainly going to be reading BfA on a regular basis, and I expect you will too. There's no better place  to get a sense of what progressives are thinking and what they're doing in Arizona and around the country. But come visit me over at The Range as well, and add to whatever comment stream my posts generate. If you want to make sure you never have to read about "This Guy with Two Penises," you can create a bookmark that will go directly to a list of my posts. You'll also be able to contact me via a yet-to-be-created email address at The Weekly.

NOTE TO DAN GIBSON: If my cheesy "Home on The Range" headline is a deal breaker, let me know. Once I got it in my head, there was no way I could get it out.


  1. Best wishes and good luck on your new journey…you’ll have your regular followers from here, I’m sure:) Just when I figured out how to post here again! See you On the Range.

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