by David Safier

For fear of being accused of being a face-ist, I have to ask: Is it just me, or do all these guys look alike?



To my eye, it's the same guy, with minor variations. Do all their ancestors hail from the same part of Europe? Is there a certain gene that makes you a hateful conservative and also makes your face look that way?

Here's my best guess. It's like your mother said: "If you keep scowling all the time, your face is going to get stuck that way."

(Left to right: Russell Pearce, Joe Arpaio, Bull Connor, Nolan Ryan. [OK, Ryan is kinda the ringer here. I saw a shot of him in the stands at the World Series and asked myself, "What's Pearce doing at the game? Or is it Arpaio? You're kidding — Nolan Ryan?" I know the guy is a big Bush supporter, but to be fair, I'm not sure if he resides in the wingnut wing of the Republican Party.] [And for the record, Bull Connor was a Democrat, back in the bad old days before Civil Rights legislation — you know, before all those racist Democrats became Republicans.])