In a Rereleased Ad, “Flag,” The Biden/Harris Campaign Calls Attention to Convicted Trump-MAGA Forces Working to Undermine the Ideals the American Flag Represents

From You Tube

In the rereleased ad, “Flag,” the Biden/Harris Campaign highlights how their Administration will continue to fight for the ideals the American Flag represents while the Extremist MAGA forces led by Donald ‘Convicted 34 times over’ and ‘I want to be dictator for a day’ Trump would endeavor to undermine them.

The ad starts with neighborhood individuals and families holding up and posting the American Flag to their homes. The narrator starts off by saying:

“As the sun rises, we raise the flag. A symbol of all that we hold most dear as Americans: Courage, Opportunity, Democracy, Freedom.”

“They’re the values and beliefs that built this country and still beat in our hearts.”

With footage from the Trump inspired Domestic Terrorist-Insurrectionist Attack on the Nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2021, the narrator pivots, commenting that the values associated with the American Flag are:

“Under attack by an extreme movement that seeks to overturn elections, ban books, and eliminate a woman’s right to choose.”

With pictures of President Biden in the Oval Office and in action across the country, the narrator pivots again to the Campaign message, saying:

“Joe Biden has made defending our basic freedoms the cause of his Presidency. The freedom for women to make their own health care decisions. The freedom for our children to be safe from gun violence. The freedom to vote and have your vote counted. For seniors to live with dignity and to give every American the freedom that comes with a fair shot at building a good life.”

The narrator continued the ad with:

“In small towns and big cities, we raise our heads, our eyes, our hearts, for America, for the idea of this great country.”

“Joe Biden is running for reelection to make certain that the sun will not set on this flag. The promise of American Democracy will not break.”

The ad ends with President Biden saying:

“Democracy must not be a partisan issue. It’s an American issue. As your President, I will defend our Democracy with every fiber of my being and I’m asking every American to join me.”

The narrator then closed with:

“For freedom. For Democracy. For America. Joe Biden.”

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