In a Sign of Weakness, the Popular Vote Loser Ventures to North Carolina to secure a seat Democrats have not won since 1960.


Democrats have not won the North Carolina Ninth District since 1960. That is close to 60 years and 12 Presidents ago.

Mitt Romney won the district by double digits in 2012 and Donald Trump performed similarly in 2016.

Two years of witnessing the acts of members of the Trump Administration (starting with the Liar in Chief/Individual One) have changed the dynamics of the district.

The voting behavior of the district has changed so much that operatives for the Republican 2018 Congressional nominee Mark Harris had to resort to fraud to win the election over Centrist Democrat and United States Marine Captain Dan McCready by under a thousand votes.

With the fraud revelations, a special election for today, September 9, 2019, was ordered.

While Captain McCready is running to take the seat he probably rightly won the last time, the Republicans, not wanting to be stained with Mark Harris (who used the ill health excuse to bow out,) found a new nominee in State Senator Dan Bishop.

The race for the seat is still very close. McCready appears to have the lead after early voting. These developments caused the Bishop campaign and National Republican Party to reach out to the KKK endorsed candidate and Vice President Pence to come to the district to energize the base to turn out.

In typical fashion, the Popular Vote Loser played all the Reactionaries top 40 hits, falsely claiming (22 times overall) that the centrist McCready (remember again a Marine Corp Captain) is for open borders, hates America, and would embrace radical socialism.

This is a sign of weakness and desperation that members of the former Party of Lincoln had to bring in their fuh…party leader to try to bring the Republican over the electoral finish line in what, up until recently, a safe conservative seat for over half a century.

It could also signal that Democrats, win or lose (by a small margin) in this seat (if McCready loses this, maybe he should challenge Tom Tillis in the Senate race,) are on course to do well electorally in 2020.

It will be interesting to see the results this evening.

It would not be surprising that the Liar in Chief forced John Bolton out as National Security Advisor this morning because he had advance warning of the special election results and wanted to divert attention away.

Stay Tuned.

Featured Image of State Senator Dan Bishop and Captain Dan McCready courtesy of Slate