Take away the facts that:

  • Donald Trump has been impeached for putting his electoral interests over those of the American People.
  • Is an unindicted co-conspirator (Individual One) in a suit on his paying off Stormy Daniels.
  • Lied to the American People over 20,000 times since winning an Electoral College to the White House in 2016.
  • Broken promises in areas like health care, infrastructure, and the border wall.
  • Has praised dictators like Putin while adopting some of their methods/stances while mocking the nation’s long-standing allies.
  • Glorified leaders of the Confederacy and said there were good people among the bigots in Charlottesville.
  • Locked innocent immigrant children in cages.
  • Granted clemency and pardons to criminals like Roger Stone and Joe Arpaio while putting Michael Cohen back in jail because he is writing a book that will embarrass (guess who) Mr. Trump.
  • Violently cleared away peaceful protestors so he could have a photo op with an upside-down Bible.
  • Sent unidentified federal forces to Portland to harass and attack protestors.
  • Attacked Democracy by falsely saying mail-in balloting (which he partakes in) creates massive fraud.
  • Mismanaged the handling (with deadly results) of the Coronavirus and the economy.

Take away all of the horrible things Donald Trump has done and just consider that the recent announcement by former KKK leader David Duke has endorsed Donald Trump again for reelection, and his suggestion that the 2016 (and apparently now) 2020 KKK endorsed candidate replace Mike Pence with Tucker Carlson as the Vice Presidential pick, should be reason enough not to vote for Donald Trump in 2020.


It should have been reason enough in 2016 when the KKK endorsed Trump.

Why this insult to the American ideal has not been reported more often is truly astonishing?

In what reality outside the Trump Zone and Fox Island will the majority of the country accept a President endorsed by one of the vilest racist organizations in United States History.

There are none and the media and mainstream political figures need to drive the fact of this endorsement, the second in four years, home to the American People along with this Administration’s other misdeeds to the voters in the 106 days before the election on November 3, 2020.

This country does not need a person praised by David Duke in the White House after January 20, 2021.

Please remember:

  • Primary Election Day is on August 4, 2020, and General Election Day is on November 3. 2020. Please see the below graphic for all-important voting dates. 
  • Please check your voter registration at vote.
  • Register/sign up for the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) in Arizona or any state that allows early or absentee balloting and mail. Arizona residents can sign up at vote
  • Arizona residents, mail your General Election ballot by October 28, 2020, for the November 3, 2020 election.
  • Check-in with the Secretary of State’s office where you live to verify your mail-in ballot was received, processed, verified, and counted.
  • Know the voter ID requirements in your state.
  • If you can, support Clean Election Candidates with a small contribution.
  • Also, please remember to stay informed on all the candidates and vote for all the offices on the ballot.
  • Also, remember to research all the ballot initiatives, sign to get them on the ballot if you support the measure, and vote on them as well.