Parodying the title of Sinclair Lewis’s famous work It Can’t Happen Here, the Lincoln Project’s new ad “Never Happens Here” warns that the country is being divided into a pro autocratic faction and a pro-Democratic-Republic one.


Saying “we’re only one Presidential election from the end of America as we’ve known it,” the narrator goes on to say “For the first time in our history, a majority of a major political party refused to accept the results of a Presidential election.”

The ad reinforces this contention by showing:

  • “Violent thugs” like the Proud Boys creating mayhem “on American Streets.”
  • That millions of people will teach their children the lie that Joe Biden is an illegitimate President.

Saying “this is how Democracy dies,”  the narrator concluded with:

“Today, the dividing line in American Politics is not between conservative and liberal. It’s between those that believe in Democracy and those who are killing it by their actions, by their silence. Trumpism is an autocratic evil unleashed on America. It must be crushed. The danger is real. The threat is now. If you believe America is worth fighting for, join us.”

Trumpism is the culmination of over 40 years of fringe and obstructionist Republican cultivation.

It started with the election of a President, Ronald Reagan, who said trees cause pollution, trickle-down economics work,  and waged war on the Great Society, the Johnson War on Poverty, and the New Deal.

It continued with the dog whistle Willie Horton ads to support the candidacy of George H.W. Bush in 1988.

It intensified with the Republican obstructionism of Newt Gingrich and Mitch McConnell during the Clinton and Obama Administrations.

It showed its ugly face in the Florida recount of 2000 with fringe mobs intimidating vote counters.

It enabled George W. Bush to launch an unjustified war in Iraq in 2003.

It provided the cover for the birther movement and created an opportunity for Donald Trump to win an Electoral College victory in 2016.

Now, look at what has happened since November 3, 2020.

  • Baseless contentions of fraud by Mr. Trump, his sycophants,  and his D team legal team that have been thrown out of dozens of courts, including the United States Supreme Court.
  • These baseless contentions of fraud and election theft have convinced the vast majority of Trump supporters that Joe Biden is not a legitimate President-Elect. Fortunately, practically everyone else does see Biden as the winner of the elections.
  • The wilful bullying and intimidation of Republican and Democratic state and local leaders and election officials by Mr. Trump and his Trump Zone cult followers. 
  • Republican leaders in the Senate waited until the final Electoral College tally to accept Joe Biden as the President-Elect. Mitch McConnell waited until after Putin congratulated Biden to say anything.
  • The House Leadership, if you can call it that, of Kevin McCarthy and his team still have not acknowledged reality.
  • The Cybersecurity chief in charge of elections at Homeland Security, Chris Krebs, is fired by Donald Trump for saying the November 3, 2020 elections were the most secure in history.
  • Instead of holding a hearing on recent revelations of Russian computer hacks of United States government departments, Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairperson (and resident Senate village idiot) Ron Johnson held a hearing on, wait for it, election fraud.
  • None of Arizona’s House Congressional Republican delegation (Debbie Lesko, Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, and David Schweikert) has acknowledged Biden’s victory. There is speculation that Gosar might go along with other fringe Republicans like Mo “rising sea levels are caused by falling rocks” Brooks in objecting to the Electoral Vote tally in Congress on January 6, 2021.
  • Fringe Republicans led by Extremist Kelli Ward selected an alternate group of Trump electors even though Biden won Arizona and the Democratic electors were legally selected.

Lincoln Project Co-Founder Steven Schmidt is right. There are now two political movements in America. One is a pro governing reality-based movement dedicated to governing and moving the country forward. The other is a chaos driven disinformation movement sworn to worship whatever autocratic demagogue (Trump or whoever comes after him) strikes all the right-wing big lie notes for them.

People who want to live in a country that still adheres to the American Dream and Ideal need to remain engaged and active in the political process to stop this rising tide of insanity and autocracy on the fringe right.

Do not get complacent. That is the greatest weapon of the enemies of Democracy.

Stay in the fight and drive these foes of America back into the political abyss where they belong.