In Partnership with ADE, Donors Choose Funds $14 Million in Classroom Projects

It took less than two weeks (around the time of spring break last March) from when Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman announced the funding partnership between the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and Donors Choose for over 15,000 teachers across the Grand Canyon State to fully access the approximately $14 million in American Rescue Plan dollars to fund needed classroom projects.

In data released by the Arizona Department of Education, thousands of classroom instructors rushed in mid March to purchase, in many cases, desperately needed items to help educate and enrich their students.

These materials ranged from simple drawing paper to enrichment games to laptops with wifi.

The top districts whose teachers applied for the most dollars in classroom projects were:

  • Mesa Unified.
  • Chandler Unified.
  • Gilbert Public Schools.
  • Washington Elementary
  • Paradise Valley Unified
  • Tucson Unified

Please click on the excel link below to see how the district near you fared in this great opportunity.

ADE campaign projects funded by district

Commenting on social media this week on the results of the ADE and Donors Choose, Superintendent Hoffman wrote:

Superintendent Hoffman is right.

Teachers or staff at Arizona’s public schools (both traditional and charter) should never have to pay out of pocket for classroom supplies.

Unfortunately, as the Superintendent indicated, they may have to do that again as soon as next year unless Arizonans elect legislators and a Governor in November that will finally fully fund the Grand Canyon state’s public schools.

Voters should remember that when considering which candidates to support this November.

Hint: It is the ones that will fund your child’s education.