It has been a little while since the 2016 Popular Vote Loser held an official press briefing on the Coronavirus.

Today, the Stable Genius decided to have one to tout (in his mind) the United States Coronavirus testing success when questions continue as to whether everyone can get access to those examinations.


Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on one’s point of view,) the President of Betrayal showed the whole world during this briefing that he is:

  • A Liar
  • Ignorant
  • Divisive
  • Racist
  • A Womanizer

How did the 2016 KKK Endorsed Candidate-Individual One accomplish all this within an hour?

  1. He said “we have prevailed on testing”  everyone that needs testing should get one and people that are not showing symptoms should not ask for one. That is an obvious lie because not everyone has had access to testing. It is also ignorant because people that do not show symptoms (like Vice President Pence’s spokesperson) but have the virus need to be examined.
  2. He was divisive when he said Barack Obama committed a crime but refused to tell the journalist asking the question of what felony his predecessor had done. He taunted the journalist, saying that the writer knew what Obama had done.
  3. He was racist when he attacked the Asia American Reporter from CBS, Weijia Jang when he told her to “Ask China” after she asked him why it was important where the United States was ranked on testing.
  4. He was a womanizer towards the next journalist following Jang, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins when he would not allow her to ask a question because she (Collins) respectfully let her CBS colleague continue her questioning. Trump ended the briefing rather than answer Collins’s question.

Unfortunately for the country, these exchanges (sometimes with the same journalists) are not isolated incidents.

Last month, this writer wrote a piece titled “Idea of the Week: The Best Thing Donald Trump could do for the Country is Shut Up.”

AZ Blue Meanie has written several pieces suggesting that the press stop covering these briefings.

Which is more beneficial for the American People?

For the Stable Genius to retreat into the background and not be heard or for the people to see the ugly and venomous disaster that currently occupies the Oval Office in his true form.

Of course, the American people, after almost three and a half years of watching this, probably do not need much reminding.

However, if the reader finds the description above hard to fathom, please watch the briefing below.

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