The last 24 hours have shown (like Americans really need more examples) of the Orwellian hypocrisy of the Trump Administration.

First, at an event in Dallas to promote healing race relations and law enforcement, the Trump team failed to invite three of the top law enforcement officials in Dallas County.


According to reporting from Teresa Woodward, “Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall, Dallas Co. Sheriff Marian Brown and Dallas Co. DA John Creuzot were not invited to the roundtable.”

Two of the excluded (Brown and Creuzot) are Democrats.

Excluding people, because of the political party, they belong to is no way to bring the country together. But it should not be surprising with Mr. Trump.

When was the last time Speaker Nancy Pelosi has had a conversation with him?

When was the last time Democrats were invited to the White House to participate in a bipartisan event or signing ceremony?

The second exhibit of Trump Zone Orwellian hypocrisy is the panel discussion itself where Trump and Attorney General Barr did not mention George Floyd by name, the President saying dominate the streets means compassion, and people should “… have to work together to confront bigotry and prejudice wherever they appear, but will make no progress and heal no wounds by falsely labeling tens of millions of decent Americans as racist or bigots.”

This coming from the person who accused judges of being partial towards him because of their ethnicity, wants to build a wall on the southern border and not the one with Canada, said there were fine people of both sides during Charlottesville, honors the statues and bases named after Confederate traitors, and teargassed peaceful protestors so he could stage a photo op with an upside-down Bible.

Finally, the Trump campaign has announced their first rally since the intensification of the COVID 19 crisis.

In the ultimate Trump Zone hypocrisy, people who want to attend the rally have to sign a waiver that absolves the Reelection campaign of any responsibility if someone contracts the Coronavirus while attending the event.

If everything is so wonderful in the Trump Zone, why should people have to sign a waiver to attend a rally? Why should they worry about getting sick when their Chief Executive Demagigue has done everything right and is “transitioning us back to greatness.” (GAG, try not to heave).

It will be interesting to see how many people fail Mother Natures IQ Test and sign the waiver to attend the rally.

The campaign should not be holding the event if they think there is a possibility people could get sick. They should do the responsible thing and cancel the rally.

It is time for the people who live in the Trump Zone to get their heads out of the sand and smell the air that is reality.

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