In their latest powerful ad titled “The Flag of Treason,”  the Lincoln Project condemns those people, including the many who are Trump supporters, who continue to glorify the Confederate Flag.

Please watch the whole video on the link below.


The ad immediately recounts that the Southern political and military leaders like Robert E. Lee knew what the flag symbolized “treason and the death of the United States.”

The narrator then describes those soldiers and public leaders “with honor” that surrendered at the end of the Civil War that “cast aside” that Confederate Flag.

The narration then asks why does that “flag keep showing up today at events supporting Donald Trump and why does he call the folks that carry it very fine people.”

The ad then shows clips of Mr. Trump’s comments following the events in Charlottesville with the narrator then asking “what does it say that they’re all in for Trump?”

The ad finishes with the narrator declaring:

“What does it say that he won’t condemn the flag of hate and division and losers? It says this is a Time for Choosing  AMERICA or Trump.”

It is good timing that this ad has been released after protestors marching against racial injustice towards African Americans like George Floyd have attacked, and in some cases, removed Confederate and other racists symbols across the nation.

With a President (who was endorsed by the KKK in 2016)  that has glorified Confederate military figures like General Lee, commented that statutes of Confederate figures being removed were “sad” and “the history and culture is being ripped apart,” accused his predecessor of not being an American citizen, and has a decades-long trail of racially incendiary remarks, the choice for Americans who want a bright and better future for themselves and their children is very clear.

Pick America.

Shun the Flag of Treason and those like Donald Trump who embrace it. 

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