In their latest ad, “Leaders,” the Lincoln Project paints potential 2024 Republican Presidential Candidates Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, Mike Lee, and Niki Haley as cowards, liars, enablers, and traitors to the American Ideal and Political System.


In the ad, the narrator tells the audience not to believe these 2024 Presidential Aspirants when they say they are “brave, strong, principled, and conservative.”

The narrator goes on calling these people what they actually are:

“Weak, spineless, cowardly, corrupt, shaking in fear of a mean tweet, traitors to the ideas and ideals of the country. When America needed them to stand tall for a peaceful transition of power, they sided with the loser. When called to end abuses, they shrugged. When called to lead, they cowered. When called to speak the truth, they lied. Call them whatever you like, but don’t call them leaders.”

Hopefully, voters will remember this in the Georgia Senate runoff elections in January, the midterm elections of 2022, the Presidential Election of 2024, and beyond.