Independents can’t vote in Arizona Presidential Preference Election on March 22

Information flyers below from  former ACLU Southern AZ  board member Paul Barby, about the upcoming PPE on March 22, 2016 in Arizona.  Take heed Independents (now listed at 1,201,030 registered voters on the Arizona Secretary of State’s website).  You can vote in the Democratic, Green, or Republican primaries if you register for that party by Feb. 22, 2016 before midnight.

For a list of who is on the ballot in Arizona for U.S. President: (14 Republicans, 6 Democrats, 2 Greens). Stay tuned for the results tonight from the Iowa Caucuses on this Presidential race – the first of many (plus primaries)  to determine who the nominees  from each party will be.

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3 responses to “Independents can’t vote in Arizona Presidential Preference Election on March 22

  1. Mariana Spier

    The information is correct, but a bit deceiving. Only the Democratic Party, the Green Party and the Republican Party will participate in the Presidential Preference Election March 22, 2016 in Arizona.
    There is also a mistake: 2016, not 2015.

    • Carolyn Classen

      Yes, there is a mistake on the flyer – deadline to register in any of the 3 political parties is tonight Feb. 22 by midnight.
      Only 2 front running Democrats left to choose from, and 5 Republican candidates.

  2. Looks like U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has won the Iowa caucuses with Donald Trump in 2nd place, and the Dem race still too close to call between Hillary and Bernie, with O’Malley dropping out shortly. So he won’t be running by the time of the AZ PPE. Stay tuned for the Democratic final results later tonight or tomorrow morning.