Michael Bryan has already reported that the Arizona Secretary of State’s office has certified the Invest in Arizona’s referendum calling for the voters to have a say in whether SB1828 (the Republican Rich Come First Flat Tax) should or should not go into effect.

This failed zombie economic idea (which nearly destroyed Kansas several years ago,) would result in the defunding of Proposition 208 and other vital social justice programs that benefit the working and middle classes.


Reaction to the certification among the Invest in Arizona leaders was swift.

Rebecca Gau

Rebecca Gau, the Executive Director of Stand for Children Arizona, wrote:

“By passing these sneaky budget schemes, this small group of politicians is helping their rich friends avoid paying their fair share to public schools. Worst of all, they are trying to silence voters. Parents, teachers, students, and advocates worked to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures to stop them and to demand that what voters approved be respected.” 

Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas, the President of the Arizona Education Association, relayed:

“Arizona voters continue to show unwavering support for our teachers and students. They intend to vote NO on these massive tax cuts for millionaires and would rather see the governor and legislature use these dollars to invest in Arizona’s schools and communities. Voters—especially parents—know that these investments are critical to the success of our students and to the future of Arizona.”

David Lujan

David Lujan, the head of the Children’s Action Alliance, offered:

“This budget bill benefits Arizona’s wealthiest individuals, giving them massive handouts and guts hundreds of millions from state revenues. Voters are tired of failed leadership by this Governor and legislature.” 

Arizona voters in 2020 sent a clear message that they preferred fully funding schools to tax cuts for the wealthy.

Unfortunately, because of selectively deaf Republicans in the Governor’s office and State Legislature, they need to send that message again in 2022.

Vote NO on Proposition 307 in the 2022 elections.