All Americans should hope Joe Biden is right about his ability to forge consensus with Republicans and strike deals with them and his fellow Democrats if he becomes President in 2021.

Democracy can not succeed when one of its main political parties has become backward and is the beacon of warring against good government.


Unfortunately, history and current events are not on former Vice President Biden’s side.

His experiences in government should illustrate this reality.

While he was a Senator from Delaware during the Clinton Administration, Republican leaders like Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, and Dick Armey routinely obstructed Democratically initiatives like the Clinton Health Care Plan which failed to get a vote. No Republicans voted for the Clinton Economic Plan (the one that led to reduced deficits, balanced budgets, and surpluses.)

While he was Barack Obama’s Vice President, Republicans led by obstructionist in chief and Supreme Court seat thief (now Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell) did everything he could to stymie the Democratic agenda (like major infrastructure) and judicial nominees.

This same Enemy of the People (McConnell) is using his abused power as Senate Majority Leader to block the close to 200 bills (including those pertaining to election security) passed by the Democratic House.

Again, all Americans should hope Joe Biden is right about working with Republicans.

However, all Americans should be prudent and work on electing forward thinking and non-obstructionist candidates to the majority in both the House and Senate in 2020 as well as the White House.

Nothing good for this country will get accomplished if individuals like Mitch McConnell and Tom Cotton are reelected or remain in the Senate Majority.

Nothing positive will happen if filibuster reform is not enacted if Democrats retake the majority in the Senate.

Joe Bidens hopes are something to wish and strive for.

Unfortunately, reality demands greater informed citizen involvement and increased voter turnout leading to election day in November 2020.

That is the key to helping our Democracy become better. That is the solution to making our Republic functional again.