Is Kavanagh somewhat warped?

by David Safier

I know nothing about John Kavanagh except what I've learned during this budget cutting debacle, so I'm not sure I'm right, but, is he a bit warped?

The first time Kavanagh used a death metaphor to defend the budget cuts, I thought it was just a spur of the moment thing.

"There are painful cuts but none are lethal, so it appears."

I had some caustic fun at his expense at the time, comparing his comment to the Bush definition that it's not torture unless it causes death or organ failure.

The second time, I was beginning to spot a trend.

While cuts to education are always regrettable, in light of the magnitude of the state’s fiscal crisis, these cuts were necessary but not fatal to our institutions.

Now here's a third, from Arizona Capitol Report's Yellow sheet.

[Kavanagh] said the 1.7% cut to K-12 and 4% cut to the universities are "not fatal, but you wouldn't know it" by what people like Michael Crow are saying. "President Crow gets the 'Boy Who Cried Wolf' award," quipped Kavanagh.

Forget about coincidence. This is a man who makes fun of people who are in pain. He's the school yard bully who knocks down a smaller kid, then says, "Hey, I didn't kill you, don't be such a crybaby!" And stands there and laughs. "Hey, little baby, go ahead, cry some more. Why don't you call your mommy?"

He's having much too much fun watching the pain he's inflicting.

If someone can tell me I've misjudged the man, please do so. This gives me the creeps.

3 responses to “Is Kavanagh somewhat warped?

  1. I think you’ve about nailed it on the head. He’s having way too much fun. They all are.

  2. Kavanagh Constituent

    Low triple digits, at best. Mean spirited and hateful man. Bully ex-transit cop.

  3. Not “somewhat.”

    You haven’t misjudged him. He’s Russell Pearce with a triple digit IQ and a New York accent.