If Senator McSally and her supporters were residents of an alternative reality, one can understand why they felt she was fully serving the interests of the people.

However, for most people living in this reality, she, and her Grand Canyon State Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives, clearly have not worked for Arizonans on most occasions.


As a Senator, Colonel McSally has:

  • Voted for all of this Administrations Reactionary Judges.
  • Not committed to supporting a bipartisan Senate Prescription Drug Bill.
  • Advocated the sale of health insurance “junk” plans that hurt the long term care for patients, especially those with pre-existing conditions.
  • Supported Congressionally approved funds being diverted from Arizona Military Bases (Fort Huachuca) to an expansion of a border wall whose current fencing is getting sawed through.
  • Run away like an extra from Monty Python and the Holy Grail when asked on November 1 if  she, like Individual One, would be willing to ask a foreign country to dig up political dirt on your opponent.” She also supported Lindsey Graham’s resolution to condemn the impeachment process.

While the Junior Arizona Senator has championed initiatives to benefit Arizona’s infrastructure and Energy research and employment (measures with Democratic co-sponsors that a Senator Mark Kelly would probably been involved with too,) how do the stances, cited on the above issues, serve the American People?

There is a reason Captain Mark Kelly is substantially outraising the appointed Senator including donations from supporters of the late John McCain.

Her embrace of the current incarnation of the Republican Party, its reactionary policies, and its ethically challenged leaders is driving moderates and independents to Captain Kelly’s side.

The last time Arizona had two United States Senators was in 1953 when Harry Truman was the President of the United States.

Senator McSally’s failure to fully serve the interests of Arizonans may result in an electoral outcome that has not occurred in this state in 66 years.

There are 362 days until the November 3, 2020 election and a possible history turning outcome.